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Groundbreaking Partnership: Aero Systems West and LahakX Redefine Agricultural Spraying with Advanced Drone Technology

Logos of LahakX and ASW overlayed on to an agricultural field with nice green crops.

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2024 – In a strategic move that sets a new standard in agricultural and firefighting drone applications, Aero Systems West, renowned for their heavy lift multirotor platforms, and LahakX, leaders in agricultural spraying drone technology, are excited to announce their collaboration. This partnership aims to develop and deploy an innovative swarm of heavy payload spraying drones, offering a groundbreaking solution to expand service coverage and enhance operational efficiency.

Dr. Itzik Turkel, Co-Founder and CTO of LahakX, emphasized the growing demand for their services to cover larger areas and manage more extensive spraying tasks efficiently. “By integrating swarming capabilities with heavy-payload drones, we’re not only responding to our customers’ needs but also setting new industry standards,” he remarked.

Danny Neal, CTO of Aero Systems West, shared his enthusiasm for the venture, highlighting the increasing demand for heavy-lift drones across various sectors and the potential impact of this technology on agriculture and firefighting missions.

“ASW has seen an increased demand in heavier lift drone aircraft in both the civil and defense sectors. We are thrilled to begin our venture into heavy lift drones for agriculture missions,” said Danny Neal, Aero Systems West CTO. “We are grateful to have been awarded BIRD Foundation resources for this project, and are excited to continue our partnership with LahakX in the development of heavy lift, swarming drones.”

Funded in part by the prestigious U.S.-Israeli BIRD Foundation, this collaboration between Aero Systems West and LahakX is poised to transform the landscape of agricultural and firefighting applications, offering enhanced performance, sustainability, and precision.

For more details on LahakX and Aero Systems West’s innovative solution, read the full original release: LahakX and AeroSystemsWest partner to swarm heavy-payload spraying drones


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