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Drone Financing

We are thrilled to introduce our new partnership with Stearns Bank N.A., a Minnesota-based employee-owned national bank.

Your Reliable Drone Financing Partner

With over $2 billion in assets, Stearns Bank N.A. is a financial institution providing nationwide equipment financing for your unique business needs. Employee-owned, Stearns Bank takes pride in providing fast response times, customized financing solutions and personal service, from start to finish.

In addition, Stearns Bank is a nationwide Preferred SBA Lender dedicated to growing businesses by providing flexible, fast financing. With in-house approvals and a streamlined documentation and closing process, providing the financing you need when you need it. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender

Fast Financing

Financing decisions in hours, getting you the financing you need when you need it.

Custom Solutions

Customized solutions made to fit your customers’ unique business needs; including start ups, acquisitions and expansion.

Docs Your Way

You have a choice in your document delivery. With high tech, low tech and no tech options available – at your convenience.

Nationwide Lending

Among the most active equipment financing and SBA loan providers for businesses throughout the United States.

General Information

What sets our partnership with Stearns Bank apart is the level of flexibility we offer. Every business has unique cash flow challenges, and our financing solutions are tailored to address those challenges.

Life Cycle of a Drone Financing Transaction at Stearns Bank

Applicants may obtain drone financing in as little as 82 minutes.


Submit an application

Customers may submit applications.
and documents via:
• Online portal
• Email
• Phone


Application Review

Your Account Manager reviews the application for completeness and accuracy.




Approval Confirmation

• Approved
• Denied
• Additional info needed



Closing Documents

• Customer signs electronic document
• Encrypted email
• Send to dealer to print




After all documents are returned the funds will be transferred.
• Wire Transfer


Working with a team that understands your business

Sterns Bank is driven to deliver outstanding personal service, fast decisions and high-touch technology.

Sterns Bank Drone Financing FAQ

Aero Systems West (ASW), Inc., a leading California-based manufacturer of heavy lift multirotor UAVs/UAS, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Stearns Bank N.A., a Minnesota-based employee-owned national bank, to offer unprecedented financing solutions for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

This pioneering collaboration marks a significant milestone in the UAS industry, making this one of the first US manufacturer and bank duos to provide specialized financing for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology.

Visit to learn more about Drone Financing.

A small business seeking to enhance its operational capacity with heavy lift drones can benefit significantly from the ASW and Stearns financing partnership. This collaboration offers flexible financing options tailored to your business needs, whether you need to purchase or lease drones. By choosing financing through this partnership, you can conserve your working capital, ensure predictable monthly payments, and acquire the advanced drone technology you require without a substantial upfront investment. Ultimately, this partnership streamlines the process of integrating heavy lift drones into your operations, making it more accessible and cost-effective for small businesses. 

Through the ASW and Stearns financing partnership, you can finance a wide range of drone equipment, including ASW’s entire drone fleet. This encompasses the ILM quad, HLM quad, HLM hex, and HLM octo models, providing you with flexibility to choose the drone that best suits your operational needs. Additionally, you can finance custom engineering services for payload integration and other UAV-related services offered by ASW. This comprehensive financing solution ensures that you have access to the specific drone equipment and services required for your business.

  1. Contact ASW: Begin by reaching out to Aero Systems West (ASW) to determine your needs. 

  2. Submit Drone Financing Application This application helps determine your eligibility and financing terms.

  3. Review and Approval: Stearns Bank will review your credit application to assess your eligibility. This process typically includes a credit check and a review of your financial background.

Industrial Heavy Lift Drones
Available For Financing

Unlock the potential of heavy lift drones with our convenient financing options. ASW and Stearns Bank offer flexible solutions to make acquiring these powerful UAVs easier than ever.

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