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Safety As A Standard: Introducing the PARASAFE® CA12-01 25kg Parachute Safety System for Drones!

At Aero Systems West, we are excited to present the PARASAFE® CA12-01, a groundbreaking 25kg Parachute Safety System designed to usher in a new era of safety for your drone operations. Backed by over 100 years of industry expertise, PARASAFE® is not just a safety system; it’s a testament to our commitment to delivering reliable, high-performance components.

Proven System Reliability: Our energetic technology is not just a concept—it’s industry-proven. With a legacy of over a century in the field, we take pride in producing components renowned for their high reliability. The energetic actuator, derived from our automotive safety technology, is fast deploying and rigorously tested, ensuring it stands the test of time and performs as promised.

High-Speed Deployment for Unmatched Safety: Designed for manual or autonomous deployment, our proprietary system adheres to stringent ASTM standards. The high-speed deployment ensures a low-speed descent, safeguarding drones, people, and objects. By employing pyrotechnics for deployment, PARASAFE® allows larger parachutes to be deployed at higher speeds, setting a new standard in safety.

Easy Installation for Diverse Drone Configurations: Recognizing the diversity in drone designs, PARASAFE® is engineered for easy installation and can be mounted in various orientations. We understand that each drone is unique, and our experienced engineers are ready to collaborate with your team for any special mounting requests. Our comprehensive installation manual and videos provide valuable guidance, ensuring a seamless integration process.

PARASAFE® Canister Specifications (PS-CA12-01):

  • Designed for drone systems with MTOW of 25kg or 55 pounds.
  • Fast and reliable deployment in manual or autonomous modes.
  • Industry-tested and compliant with ASTM standards.
  • Pyrotechnic deployment for high-speed parachute release.
  • Easy installation with adaptable mounting options.

Flexible Mounting Options for Tailored Mission Success:

Understanding that every drone mission is unique, the PARASAFE® CA12-01 is engineered with flexible mounting options, allowing you to tailor its placement based on your specific mission requirements. Whether your drone demands a top-mounted configuration for streamlined aerodynamics or a side-mounted setup for spatial considerations, PARASAFE® accommodates your needs.

Top-Mounted Configuration: Opt for a top-mounted setup when you prioritize minimal disruption to your drone’s overall design and aerodynamics. This configuration ensures a sleek and unobtrusive integration, allowing your drone to maintain its optimal performance while benefiting from the added safety of the PARASAFE® system.

Side-Mounted Configuration: When spatial constraints or specific mission demands dictate an alternative approach, the side-mounted configuration provides versatility. This option caters to drones with unique design considerations, allowing for easy integration on the side of the drone frame without compromising safety or functionality.

Our experienced engineers at Aero Systems West understand that each drone mission is a distinctive puzzle with its own set of challenges. That’s why we offer engineering services tailored to your specific mission requirements, empowering you to optimize safety without sacrificing the efficiency and purpose of your drone operations.

Empower Your Control with Manual Precision: Introducing the MTS (Manual Triggering System):

At Aero Systems West, we recognize that control is key when it comes to ensuring the safety of your drone operations. That’s why we’ve engineered the Manual Triggering System (MTS) as an integral component of PARASAFE®. Crafted by our own team of skilled drone engineers, the MTS provides a manual deployment option, offering operators precise control over the safety measures of their drones.

Key Features of MTS:

  • Compact Design: The MTS is designed with dimensions of W 84 mm×D 60 mm×H 37 mm, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into your drone’s existing setup without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighing just 120g, the MTS is a lightweight yet robust solution that won’t compromise your drone’s overall weight distribution.
  • Reliable Power Supply: Operating on 5V DC +/- 0.5V at 500mA max, the MTS ensures a reliable power supply to meet the demands of your drone’s safety system.
  • Adaptable in Various Conditions: With an operating temperature range of 0 – 40℃ and an IP54 weather performance rating, the MTS is built to withstand diverse environmental conditions, providing consistent functionality when you need it most.
  • Triggering Tuning Not Required: The MTS is designed for simplicity. With no need for triggering tuning, you can deploy it confidently without the hassle of intricate adjustments.

Elevate your drone operations to new heights of safety with the PARASAFE® CA12-01, now available for purchase exclusively at Aero Systems West. Contact us today to secure your system, experience unparalleled reliability, and ensure the safety of your drones and the success of your missions.


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