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ASW Heavy Lift Quadcopter Industrial Drone

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Introducing the Aero Systems West HLM (Heavy Lift Multirotor) Quadcopter – a high-performance UAV designed for precision missions such as agriculture and heavy industrial applications. With advanced features such as obstacle avoidance and a customizable payload system, the ASW Intermediate Quadcopter offers unparalleled versatility and reliability.

HLM Quadcopter supports a variety of payload possibilities. Ideal for medium
to large cameras (fixed or gimballed), medium weight multispectral or lidar packages, surveying medium to large areas, and small granule spreaders. HLM Quad also supports missions requiring a small number of on-board peripherals (computers, sensors, etc.).

Experience the future of unmanned aerial technology with ASW.

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Please note: Our drones are made to order. Delivery time varies from 4 to 8 weeks based on customer requirements.

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We offer flexible payment options, including credit card payments through all major brands and specialized financing through Stearns Bank.


Capacity: up to 31 lbs

A space-efficient entry into large class drones built with logistics in mind to accommodate the widest possible array of missions.

Capable of lifting up to 31 lbs (depending on configuration), the HLM has the highest payload capacity on the market compared to other options in the same size class. The HLM (Heavy lift Multirotor) offers an operational up-time unsurpassed by other drones on
the market. Equipped with the industry standard ArduCopter flight stack and programmed to support fully autonomous missions, including takeoff and landing. Capable of flights nearing 1 hour, the HLM quadcopter delivers flight times needed to complete truly industrial missions. The HLM Quadcopter uses top-mounted batteries and arm-mounted landing gear, leaving an amazing 620 square inches of unhindered payload space. The HLM truly
is the pickup truck of drones. With custom payload mounts available from ASW, there
is nothing you can’t carry.


Quick Specs:

Number of Motors 4
Total Diameter 1505 mm
Max Endurance 50+ minutes
Total Height 607 mm
Ground Clearance 430 mm
Avionics Ships w/ CubePilot System •
RedundantGNSS (RTK Ready)
Typical Payload Range 0 – 11+ kg
Typical Takeoff Weight 16 – 32 kg


What’s in the Box:


 ASW Heavy Lift Multirotor – Quadcopter 1x
Hardshell Storage Case 1x
RC Safety Controller 1x
Assembly Tool Kit 1x
Radio Modem for Ground Control 1x
Main Flight Battery Set 1x
Pelican Brand Battery Shipping and Storage Case 1x
Preflight and Postflight Checklists 1x


Flight Preview:

Additional information

Parasafe Safety System

Automatic, Manual


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