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Cubepilot ADS-B Carrier Board

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The Cubepilot ADS-B Carrier Board is designed to work with The Cube autopilot and provide a comprehensive ADS-B solution for drones. This carrier board includes an integrated ADS-B receiver and an SDR (software-defined radio) transceiver. The receiver provides position and velocity data of other aircraft in the vicinity, while the transceiver sends the drone’s position to other aircraft in the same airspace. The ADS-B Carrier Board also includes a power management system and a backup battery, providing a reliable and efficient solution for drones flying in controlled airspace.

Core benefits:

  • Provides a comprehensive ADS-B solution for drones
  • Includes integrated ADS-B receiver and SDR transceiver
  • Reliable and efficient power management system
  • Backup battery for added safety
  • Compatible with The Cube autopilot

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The Cubepilot ADS-B Carrier Board provides breakout capability to the cube line of autopilots. This carrier board has an integrated 1090Mhz ADS-B IN receiver from uAvionix, this allows users to detect ADS-B OUT equipped aircraft in the area and displays information such as the position, altitude, speed, and ID of the detected aircraft on a connected ground station. This also allows sense and avoid features included in Ardupilot to be used if configured.

Features Breakout capability to Cube autopilot Integration of uAvonix ADS-B IN Receiver on Serial 5 Built-In ADS-B Antenna Removal of Intel Edison Bay and Debug USB Ports

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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