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HLM Industrial Octocopter

Consider the HLM Octocopter for highly specialized missions, larger
customized payloads, multiple cameras or extra on-board peripherals.

Capacity: up to 66 lbs (30kg)

The HLM Octocopter supports the greatest variety of payload possibilities.

As the largest and most powerful industrial unmanned aircraft that ASW produces, the HLM Octocopter delivers the highest performance value. Equipped with the industry standard ArduCopter flight stack and programmed to support fully autonomous missions, including takeoff and landing. 


Why Choose the HLM Octo?

Industrial Grade

Made in the US from aircraft-grade carbon fiber and aluminum. Designed to handle the rigors of real-world field work while continuing to perform flawlessly mission after mission.

Heavy Lift

Capable of lifting up to 66 lbs (depending on configuration), the HLM has the highest payload capacity on the market compared to other options in the same size class.


Equipped with the industry standard ArduCopter flight stack and programmed to support fully autonomous missions, including takeoff and landing.


Built with modular, serviceable, plug-n-play arms and high accessibility frame components to allow for easy servicing. The ILM can deliver a lifetime of industrial use with proper maintenance.


The Octo is a Heavy lifting UAV designed for precision flying and industrial, With specialized features such as a 66llbs customizable payload system and long range.

HLM Octocopter

Quick Specs:

Number of Motors8
Total Diameter2107 mm
Max Endurance50+ minutes
Total HeightUser Adjustable
Ground ClearanceUser Adjustable
AvionicsShips w/ CubePilot •
GNSS (RTK Ready)
Typical Payload Range0 -30+ kg
Typical Takeoff Weight43 – 72 kg

ASW offers cutting-edge drone solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Our drones are specifically designed for parcel delivery of large packages, carrying extra-large camera arrangements, multiple extra-large camera gimbals for cinematography purposes, surveying large areas, and conducting missions requiring high numbers of additional on-board peripherals with high power demands.

Additionally, our drones can handle high-weight multispectral or lidar packages, missions requiring high stability and full redundancy, and liquid sprayers or granule spreaders, including those in large to extra-large sizes. With ASW’s advanced drone technology, businesses can streamline operations and increase efficiency like never before.

Searching for a
custom heavy lift unmanned drone?

ASW can customize your HLM Octo industrial drone to your specific needs, inquire today to learn more.


Payloads ranging from precision agriculture sensors to counter-UAS and package delivery systems have been integrated with our aircraft.

Common payloads can be integrated with an off-the-shelf payload tray. For unique payloads, our experienced team can design a bolt-on interface tailored to your mission.

Our aircraft are designed to work with nearly any payload—whether it exists today or will be released years from now.

ASW offers training courses for all of the systems we sell.  In-depth sessions are available for novice operators and those without existing certifications, while short courses are available for more experienced pilots simply requiring familiarity training on their new vehicle. Additionally, currency days with factory certified trainers are available for those who need to log flight time for operational requirements.

In addition to conducting training, ASW has helped multiple sUAS manufactures develop OEM courses to complement their products.  If you have a new system ready for market and wish to offer the best value to your clients, please consider contacting ASW to develop a customized training solution.


​The team at ASW has extensive experience providing complex unmanned systems to civil and government customers. We can provide expert solutions to meet your requirements. Our services include:

Full Systems Engineering Support

OEM Design, Integration, & Custom Builds

Payload Design

Software Design


Yes, through our sister company, PARASAFE

In July of 2021, Aero Systems West, Inc. was acquired by Nippon Kayaku Company. This acquisition further advanced our commitment to enabling UAS flight safety. Nippon Kayaku Company has contributed to UAS safety through the development of high reliability fast deploying parachute safety devices. Through this acquisition, Nippon Kayaku Company and ASW have unified their visions and goals to deliver “Safety as a Standard.”

With Accident Protection we’ll repair your drone after any accident, regardless of cause.

All DroneCare Complete customers who have completed their training are eligible for Accident Protection.

We provide hassle-free regular maintenance by aviation experts to keep your drone working well for years


Simply use our pre-paid shipping label; we’ll check every nut and bolt, replace any worn-out parts, and ensure all subsystems are fully upgraded

With our ONE YEAR Limited Warranty, our experienced customer service team will repair any unforeseen issues.

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