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ASW and Stearns Bank: Pioneering a New Era in UAV Financing

At Aero Systems West (ASW), we have always been committed to innovation, safety, and accessibility in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Our mission is to transform drones into valuable assets for various industries, and today, we are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership that takes us one step closer to achieving that vision.

A Partnership That Changes the Game

We are thrilled to introduce our new partnership with Stearns Bank N.A., a Minnesota-based employee-owned national bank. Together, we are setting out to revolutionize the world of UAS financing. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the UAS industry, making us one of the first US manufacturer and bank duos to provide specialized financing for drone technology.

Unlocking the Potential of UAS

ASW has always believed that drones have the potential to revolutionize industries, but we understand that cost can be a barrier to entry. With Stearns Bank’s innovative approach to financing, we aim to eliminate this barrier and make UAV technology more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Flexible Financing for Unique Needs

What sets our partnership with Stearns Bank apart is the level of flexibility we offer. Every business has unique cash flow challenges, and our financing solutions are tailored to address those challenges. Whether you require delayed payment schedules, seasonal payments, or customized payment structures, we have you covered.

Navigating the Path to Success

ASW and Stearns Bank are not just offering financing; we are also here to guide you on your journey into the world of drones. We understand that integrating UAS technology into various industries can be a complex process. That’s why we provide comprehensive support, helping you understand and navigate compliance requirements and stay up to date with regulations.


Partner with ASW and Stearns Bank

Our partnership with Stearns Bank represents a shared commitment to advancing the accessibility, reliability, and safety of small unmanned aircraft. By joining forces, we are taking a giant leap towards making drones a value-added part of everyday operations for businesses across diverse sectors.

We invite you to learn more about this exciting partnership by reading our press release. Together, ASW and Stearns Bank are pioneering a new era in UAS financing, and we can’t wait to see how this collaboration transforms the landscape of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Empower Your Drone Dreams Today!

Are you eager to embrace the boundless potential of drone and UAS technology, but unsure about equipment financing options? Look no further! ASW is here to empower your aspirations. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to make your drone dreams a reality. Discover how ASW and Stearns Bank can provide you with the innovative solutions you need to soar above and beyond.



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