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Emergency Drone Parachute

Introducing: PARASAFE™

At Aero Systems West, safety isn’t just a priority—it’s our commitment.

PARASAFE® CA1201: Now Available

The PARASAFE® CA1201 emergency drone parachute embodies cutting-edge safety technology, available for immediate integration onto various drone models. Designed for systems with a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 25kg or 55 pounds, the CA1201 guarantees unparalleled safety for commercial and industrial drones, including fixed-wing, multicopters, or helicopters.


Over 29 years in safety systems technology

PARASAFE is the next evolution of our technology and the automotive industry. Nippon Kayaku has been operating in the automotive industry for 29 years. We build high reliability energetic safety systems for airbags, pretensioners, safety systems. The birth of PARASAFE came from the vision of Nippon Kayaku continuing to protect people. We are a company that cares, offering high reliability products for society.

Why choose PARASAFE for your drone parachute?

Powered by Expertise Elevating Safety Standards​

Nippon Kayaku has over 100 years of manufacturing expertise and has been a leader in the safety systems technology industry for 29 years. We are recognized globally for delivering high reliability, long-lasting products. Manufacturing over 1 billion parts with 0ppm (no defects) and over a century in business, the drone safety system PARASAFE is on a mission to provide the highest safety standards and reliability to the unmanned aircraft industry.

Simplicity and Adaptability

PARASAFE offers more than just exceptional safety—it provides simplicity and adaptability, making it the optimal choice for ensuring secure flights. Our proprietary safety technology is designed with versatility in mind, offering seamless installation and compatibility with a wide range of drone models. Whether it's retrofitting an existing drone or integrating safety measures into a new aerial system, the intuitive design of PARASAFE ensures ease of installation without compromising on safety.

Designed to Protect People, Property & Payload™​

PARASAFE represents the next evolution of our automotive grade safety technologies, designed to protect people and equipment. Nippon Kayaku Company was founded in 1916 and our Safety Systems Group has operated Globally in the automotive safety industry for over a quarter century, building high reliability energetic devices.​With an illustrious history spanning over a century, our commitment to safety innovation remains unwavering.


PARASAFE® Canister Specifications (PS-CA12-01)

Product SizeΦ130mm x H145mm = Φ5″ x H6″



Performance Supportable Weight25kg = 55lbs
Parachute Size (Area)11㎡ = 118 ft²
Decent Rate6 m/s at 25kg


(ATS) Automatic Triger System (Coming Soon)

DimensionW 100mmxD 62mmxH 21mm
Operating Temp

0 – 40℃

Weather PerformanceIP53


(MTS) Automatic Triger System

DimensionW 84 mm×D 60 mm×H 37 mm
Operating Temp0 – 40℃
Weather PerformanceIP54
Product Manual

Key Features of PARASAFE Drone Parachute Safety System

  • Fast, Reliable Deployment

    Our proprietary initiation technology ensures the fastest and most reliable parachute deployment in its class, safeguarding both your drone and payload.

  • Versatile Integration

    Capable of integration with nearly any drone on the market, PARASAFE® CA1201 stands as a testament to adaptability and seamless installation.

  • Exceptional Safety Standards

    Engineered to the highest safety systems technology standards, PARASAFE® delivers reliability, quality, and innovation for safeguarding your drone operations.

  • Weather Resilience

    Operating within a temperature range of 0 – 40℃ and boasting IP54 weather performance, the MTS ensures consistent functionality in varied weather conditions.

  • Compact Design

    With dimensions of W 84mm × D 60mm × H 37mm and a weight of 120g, the MTS offers a compact, lightweight solution for effective safety deployment.

Realizing the KAYAKU Spirit

Safety as a Standard™

Backed by 100+ years of excellence in innovation, reliability and quality Nippon Kayaku Company produces products for the well-being of society. Our mission in UAS is to enable drone safety. We believe that safety should come as a standard feature in all drones, commercial and non-commercial, we are on a mission to deliver world class safety technologies.

Parachute Safety Systems FAQ

PARASAFE mounting is done with industry grade hardware, there are several mounting points that secure it to the drone.

Parasafe can be installed in the top center or side arm if needed, our engineers can assist or customize a workable solution for you.

First time mounting requires identifying a suitable location, top center or a side arm for example, then the mounting process itself is about 45-minutes. Once PARASAFE is installed, if removal is needed it would only take a few minutes.

Parasafe is designed to be deployed at a minimum of 30 meters (98 feet) of altitude.

The PARASAFE parachute cannot be repacked.

Parasafe’ s proprietary deployment system is self-contained and no fire hazard is posed. Our technology comes from our 30-years of expertise producing pyrotechnic safety devices for the automobile industry. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our PARASAFE product Instruction Manual.

Parasafe was developed and tested to the highest safety standards, as all our automotive safety devices have been. We have worked closely with US governing, regulatory, and enforcement agencies to assure our product classification (Class 9) meets all legal guidelines for the production and sale to our customers.

PARASAFE product weight is approximately 1 kg (2.2 lbs.), it is the user’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with our product specifications and properly size it to the drone. We are more than glad to help and assist with any questions or concerns.

PARASAFE is available now with the manual triggering system from our distribution partners Aero Systems West.

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