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Empowering Unmanned Aerial Missions with ASW and Elistair: Unmatched Versatility

In the ever-evolving landscape of unmanned aerial missions, having access to versatile and efficient technology can mean the difference between success and missed opportunities. The recent collaboration between Aero Systems West (ASW) and Elistair marks a milestone in the unmanned aerial operations (UAO) industry, promising enhanced versatility, reliability, and coverage for various mission scenarios. As detailed in our latest press release, this partnership hinges on ASW’s fleet of highly adaptable drones and Elistair’s cutting-edge tethering solutions, providing a game-changing combination for diverse mission needs.


ASW Drones: A Platform for All Your Mission Needs

ASW’s lineup of drone systems, including the ILM Quad, HLM Quad, HLM Hex, HLM Octo, and the bespoke engineering solutions for payload integration, boasts unparalleled flexibility. These platforms are designed to be the Swiss Army knives of the unmanned aerial missions world, with specifications that cater to the unique demands of a multitude of industries.

ILM Quad: The Intermediate Lift Multirotor (ILM) is designed to handle the rigors of real-world field work while continuing to perform flawlessly mission after mission. This agile drone is designed to excel in dynamic situations, offering top-notch stability and maneuverability. With a flexible payload capacity up to 11lbs, it’s the perfect companion for a wide range of lighter-duty missions.

HLM Quad: The Heavy Lift Multirotor (HLM) quadcopter is a space-efficient entry into large class drones built with logistics in mind to accommodate the widest possible array of missions. When precision is your priority, the HLM Quad shines. Boasting a payload capacity of up to 31lbs, it’s ideal for applications that demand accuracy and endurance.

HLM Hex: The ASW Heavy Lift Multirotor (HLM) system represents the pinnacle of industrial, heavy lift sUAS. An HLM is built with logistics in mind to accommodate the widest possible array of missions. The HLM Hex extends the limits with a hefty payload capacity of up to 56lbs. This workhorse is ready for even the most challenging missions.

HLM Octo: Need even more power and payload capacity? Consider the HLM Octocopter for highly specialized missions, larger customized payloads, multiple cameras or extra on-board peripherals. The HLM Octo is our largest heavy lift drone at the moment, with the ability to carry up to 66lbs. 

Payload Integration: We understand that no two missions are the same. That’s why ASW offers bespoke engineering solutions for payload integration, ensuring that our drones are optimized for your specific needs.


Elistair Tethering Solutions: Where Persistence Meets Power

Elistair, renowned for its leadership in tethered drone technology, presents a history of groundbreaking innovations. The Elistair Safe-T 2 station, a proud addition to our partnership, is a match made in UAO heaven. This tethered drone system is engineered to meet the most demanding mission requirements, providing uninterrupted and sustained operation over extended distances.

Unparalleled Coverage: Elistair tethering technology enables uninterrupted and long-endurance unmanned aerial missions, with coverage reaching up to 10 km.

Increased Range: For situations that require exceptional reach and connectivity, Elistair’s tethering stations significantly extend the operational capabilities of ASW’s drone fleet.


The Power of Versatility and Reliability

The partnership between ASW and Elistair is more than just a collaboration; it’s a promise of enhanced versatility, persistence, and reliability in unmanned aerial missions technology. It’s about delivering unmatched value to clients seeking solutions for a wide range of mission requirements.

This collaboration is a revolution in the unmanned aerial missions landscape, and ASW is excited to be at the forefront of this innovation. Our dedication to excellence remains unwavering, and our goal is clear: to provide our clients with the unmatched flexibility and capability necessary to excel in their missions.

The partnership between ASW and Elistair is more than just an alliance; it’s a pledge to provide clients with the tools to master diverse unmanned aerial missions. Together, we offer a world of possibilities to elevate your mission capabilities, and we encourage you to explore our partnerships. 

For additional information about this groundbreaking partnership, including technical specifications and real-world use case scenarios, please refer to our press release. At ASW, we’re here to empower your missions.


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