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Why Small Manufacturing Companies Reign Supreme: The Advantages of Working with ASW

ASW has come a long way since its formation in 2015. It all started with a group of passionate aviation professionals and engineers who shared a vision for improving unmanned aerial systems (UAS) capabilities. As a systems integrator for larger agencies, ASW quickly gained a reputation for bringing together cutting-edge aircraft, avionics, payloads, and teams to achieve complex missions. However, the demand for drones with unique capabilities that weren’t yet available in the market led ASW to shift its focus to manufacturing. Today, ASW produces four UAS models at its California location, with the ability to design custom systems and provide engineering support for payloads and peripherals. The company’s dedication to providing exceptional products and services has made it a leading name in the drone industry, and in 2021, ASW was acquired by Nippon Kayaku, a renowned industrial explosives manufacturer.



When it comes to choosing a manufacturer for your drone or UAV needs, you may be inclined to go with a larger, more established company. However, there are several advantages to working with a smaller manufacturing company like Aero Systems West (ASW). Here are five reasons why:

  1. Personalized service: Small manufacturing companies like ASW tend to provide more personalized service than larger companies. With a smaller team, you’re more likely to work directly with the engineers and technicians who are actually building your UAV, which can lead to better communication, a clearer understanding of your needs, and more tailored solutions.
  2. Flexibility: Smaller companies are often more flexible than larger ones when it comes to customizing products and services. They’re able to pivot quickly when a customer’s needs change, and can often provide faster turnaround times than larger companies. This can be especially important when you’re working on a tight deadline or need a unique solution that isn’t readily available elsewhere.
  3. Innovation: Small manufacturing companies tend to be more innovative and nimble than larger ones. They’re able to experiment with new materials, technologies, and designs more easily, and can often create prototypes and test ideas more quickly. This can lead to more cutting-edge products and services, as well as faster advancements in the industry as a whole.
  4. Attention to detail: With a smaller team, each member of the manufacturing process tends to take more ownership and pride in their work. This can lead to a greater attention to detail and higher quality products. Small manufacturing companies like ASW are often able to catch and fix issues before they become major problems, resulting in better overall performance and reliability.
  5. Customization: One of the biggest advantages of working with a small manufacturing company is the ability to customize your product to your exact specifications. Large companies tend to have more standardized products and services, but smaller companies like ASW are often able to tailor their solutions to your specific needs. This can lead to better performance, increased efficiency, and a more streamlined workflow.



While there are certainly advantages to working with larger companies as well, the benefits of working with a small manufacturing company like ASW should not be overlooked. With personalized service, flexibility, innovation, attention to detail, and customization, small manufacturers are often able to provide unique solutions and a higher level of customer satisfaction. And with the backing of Nippon Kayaku, ASW offers the reliability and stability of a larger company, with the agility and flexibility of a small one.


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