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Custom UAV Solutions by ASW: Unlock Your Vision

Precision assembly of components for a bespoke UAV solution.

Unleashing the Potential of Custom UAV Solutions

At Aero Systems West (ASW), we specialize in delivering custom UAV solutions that align with your unique requirements. With a rich arsenal of capabilities, we stand ready to transform your ideas into reality.

Full Systems Engineering Support: From inception to execution, ASW offers a comprehensive suite of engineering services. Our expertise spans requirements analysis, system architecture, testing, product fielding, and support planning. With a relentless commitment to excellence, we ensure your UAV project is primed for success.

Technician assembling a custom UAV for specialized applications.
Custom UAV Design – Payload integration, engineering services and more from Aero Systems West

OEM Design and Integration: Our team of aircraft, software, and electrical engineers collaborate to create unparalleled UAV solutions. Whether you’re envisioning a groundbreaking design or integrating existing components, ASW’s ingenuity shines through. Our capability to construct custom aircraft builds empowers you to achieve your mission with precision.

In-House Prototyping and Manufacturing: ASW boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our expertise spans CAD/CAM with active licenses for industry-leading software, CNC machinery for precision milling, 3D printing for versatile prototyping, and advanced manufacturing capabilities including thermoforming and PCB prototyping.

Payload & Software Design: Beyond aircraft, ASW focuses on the complete solution. Our adept team assists in designing flight hardware and software, tailored to your specific data collection needs. Whether it’s aircraft monitoring, command and control, or payload interfaces, our seasoned developers ensure seamless integration.

Custom UAV soaring above farmland, revolutionizing agriculture.
Custom UAV soaring above farmland, revolutionizing agriculture.

Expert Solutions Tailored to You: With a robust track record, ASW excels in delivering intricate unmanned systems to civil and government clientele. Our team crafts expert solutions tailored to your unique demands. The result? UAV projects that exceed expectations and achieve unparalleled success.

Looking to bring your custom UAV vision to life?

At Aero Systems West, we don’t just meet requirements; we create pioneering UAV solutions that redefine possibilities. Discover how our commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence can elevate your vision to new heights.

Our team of experts is here to collaborate with you, turning your ideas into reality. Whether it’s a specialized payload integration, a unique design requirement, safety system, or a complex system engineering challenge, we have the experience and resources to deliver. Reach out to us today to explore the endless possibilities of custom UAV solutions. Let’s work together to create the perfect UAV for your specific goals.


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Who We Are and What We Do

Aero Systems West is a leader in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry, specializing in custom UAV builds, software design, and payload integration. Our team of experts has years of experience in the aerospace and defense industries and are dedicated to providing top-quality products and services to our customers. Learn more about our company and the services we offer by exploring our website or contacting us directly. 

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